Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turn off The Screen, Kind of Ironic...

In our 21st century class, we've been having a unit on being healthy, (remember the flu videos?). To wrap up the year, we made websites. On healthy living for kids. Mine is called, Turn Off  The Screen And Go Out And PLAY! Kind of ironic for a website... Anyways, enjoy my website.

Longer School=Less Homework, Right?

         In my opinion, homework is the absolute worst thing about school. If it weren't for that darn homework, I really wouldn't mind school one bit. Here's my plan. We eliminate homework altogether by making school an hour or so longer. Here's why. That last hour of school could be more of a study hall time (Which any of the kids in band in my school don't get, which we think is bogus.) The teachers could be there to help us when we ran into problems with our homework, so we don't have to stay up until 1 am trying to do our math.

       It could work like this. Teachers could assign homework just like they always do, and then an hour before school was over, all the students and teachers could head down to the cafeteria and have a huge study hall. This way, if you don't understand something, you could get it explained to you, by the teacher who assigned it to you. Then, if you still don't finish your homework, you could take it home and do it there, (and at least you'd have a better understanding of it.)

        Some people are totally against this plan. I can kind of see their points, but I sure do not agree with them. A lot of people against this plan think that homework should be done at home, and that's just the way learning is. Some of them also would rather have more of their after-school time free to do other things (it's not really free if you have buckets of homework...) And lastly, some of them just like doing their homework in the quiet of their own home without lots of other kids there.

       So, who's with me? Who'd rather have more school and less/no homework? It'd help you to make sure you got it done, and understood it, and it frees up the rest of your evening. I think it's a great plan... how about you?


What do you think? Do you like my plan? Do you have a different (possibly) better idea? Do you already do something like this at your school? Are you already out for summer vacation? Please post your answers in a comment, because I sincerely do care about your opinions.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Into the Wild

What happens when you add:
    34 teens +
     5 annoyed adults +
     A WHOLE lot of chips and salsa +
     and a dorm room cut off from everyone else's =

    An amazing week at an environmental learning center (and some hi-larious Man Vs. Wild remixes....) Last week my eighth grade class went on a week long over night trip to an environmental learning center in northern Minnesota. It was absolutely fantabulousyawesome (If that's even a word). Anyways, there was never time to be bored, because we were:
    That's me on the ropes course ☺
  • Rock-Climbing
  • Ropes-Coursing
  • Hiking
  • well... learning :)
  • Chips and salsa eating
  • Truth or Dare playing
  • Star tipping
  • Endless talking.....
  • Picture taking (duh ☺)
  • Getting Lost
  • Playing Frisbee
        This list goes on and on and on. One of the best things at ELC wasn't a class. It was our liaison, Danny. Danny was very interesting to say the least. He just came to Minnesota in August from England, and he looked like Harry Potter! (Maybe he was secretly Daniel Radcliffe) Danny also taught our birds class, and showed us his bird mating dance. We were about to pee ourselves with laughter.

I'm the short one on the end
        One of my other favorite things at ELC was a class called Voyageur life. We all got a character and had to remain completely in character for the whole three hour class. (Lucky for me I got to play the only American character because everyone else had to attempt to use French accents.) My character was Mr. Daniel Harmon, the American clerk for the Northwest Company. We hiked in sleet to this replica voyageur camp and made biscuits and played voyageur games. It was really fun, but my toes were very numb afterwards.☺
Speaking of coldness, the weather there was really weird. The first day it was almost 70 and we were wearing shorts, the next morning we woke up and it was snowing. Only in Minnesota...


Have you ever been on a field trip where you've stayed over for a week? Does where you live have as wacky of weather as Minnesota? Have you ever been to an enviromental learning center? Do you like my blog's new make-over? Please comment with your answers! ♥♥♥♥

Photo Websites

This Photo is from Pics4Learning
When I was younger and we'd have to get a picture for something, I'd always just go to Google Images search it, and copy/paste it into my Word Document. I didn't realize that some of those photos could've been copyrighted, and I was plagiarizing. Of course though, they are not going to fine a fourth grader. For our assingment today we had to go to several copyright-free photo websites. My favorite was comp fight, because it reminded me of google images. It feels a lot easier to me, and seems to have more selection than flickr creative commons. The only problem I faced on that site was that it kept freezing up. (That could've just been my computer though) I also liked the site Pics4Learning. It has a lot of photos that are availible for students to use on projects. It nicely narrows the pictures down into categories that make the ones you need easy to find.


Do you have any copyright free photo sights you like to use? Did you enjoy this post? After reading this, do you feel that you have ever plagerized? Please answer these questions in your comments!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joining Up

In today's world, when the Internet is a huge thing, social networks are huge. I mean, if you're reading this, you're on one right now! Out of my class of 40 something, I think about all but five of my classmates have Facebooks. Half of them have blogs, and every one of my classmates has an email. That's a lot. For part of the Blogging Challenge, we were to answer these questions... Enjoy :)

Photo By: Asthma Helper

Q. What Internet sites have you joined?

A. A LOT! I'm on Blogger (duh), Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Neopets, Snapfish, Piknik, Youtube and probably twenty more...

Q. How much info do you give out on those sites?

A. Umm.. I try not to give out much. I normally stick to my first name, state, and age.

Q. Have you filled in the asterisk questions? (with this*)

A.Sometimes. Not if it seems usless/dangerous.

I then websearched my name and my town to see what I could find.

Q. What did you find?

A. I found out that I am in the paper... a lot. Sports stuff, honor roll, and random things from when I was little. I was also apparently in some ads for my school when I was like five.

Q. How many footprints are you leaving behind?

A. I'm not sure. Probably a lot. A lot of times when you're little, people say that your parents can start the footprints for you, but my parents aren't online very often, and I'm not sure if they even had a computer when I was born, so I'm almost positive that they wern't posting baby pictures online. :)

 What about you? Do you have a Facebook? What sites have you joined? Are you careful about how much info you give your viewers? Search Yourself, and try to answer the following questions in a comment please :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Visit These

Hi Guys... Yesterday I went out visiting blogs. I found some very cool ones that I want you to see:

  •  Okay, the first blog you should look at is Kara's. I really like her blog, and she put an interesting post in Swedish :) Her blog is Check it out!
  •  Another blog that I like is Megan's. (She's in my class) She always has interesting posts and videos, and Meagn has a really cool background. Megan's URL is 
  •  Okay, the last blog I found yesterday that I liked was Weyshan's. She lives in Vietnam and uses her blog to tell more about Asia. I learned that where she lives, they only have two seasons! Her blog is 

I'm sure these guys would really appreaciate your comments, so visit their blogs. (They are all in the Student Blogging Challenge) Go out and check out some blogs, and let me know if you find any cool ones. Just add their URL as a comment so I can visit them. Have fun, and you might just find something in common with someone!

Enjoy my strange little sister... lol

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Blog in Review...

This week for the Student Blogging Challenge, I am going over this past history of my blog. I've written some funny things:
I've written some interesting things

I've also written the straight facts.
  • Another Recount?
    Of course though, if am going to recommend a post to you, it has to be my favorite post of all time All Because of a Cookie. It is the interesting story of me, my mom, and my grandma, trapped in a car behind an accident in a blizzard coming back from the Mall of America, all because of a cookie. If you are going to take time out of your day to read it though, you should really read Hooky first, and the read She Still Gets That Cookie. Confusing? Good.

Do you have any interesting posts that you've written? Any interesting shopping trips with your grandmothers? :) Comment letting me know what posts you have that i should read, and why I should read them...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Doodle 4 Google

            Last week, our teacher decided that we are going to enter the Doodle for Google contest. You design a logo for Google following the theme, " What I'd like to do someday..." We saw the winners from past years, and they got to go to the Google Studio in New York. They also won a college scholarship a graphic design tablet and a laptop computer. I really want to to win... but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I think being in this contest will be a great experience.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello My Name is ______ and I'm a Shopaholic.

Photo By: zoenet
          This week in 21st Century, We are learning about spending money. That is something I like to do. Unfortunately, a lot. There are two kinds of people in this world, spenders or savers, and I think we all know what category I'm in. We went to the U.S. mint website, and played some games and took quizzes on spending money. Go to tips for teens, and try the Spending Challenge. It was a challenge for me alright. You're supposed to see how much money you have left after a certain amount of weeks. I think I went into the negatives. I took the Money Quiz, and got Spender. Like I didn't already know that. H\ello, My name is Hannah, and I am a shopaholic.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This Year in School...

By Bart Everson
            This year in school, I have been doing pretty well. I definitely did better than last year. I mostly like all my classes, except for math. I think math is boring. I’m not bad at it, but I really don’t like it. Right now in math we are learning about factoring polynomials. Blech.
           I like religion, because it's really fun, and right now we are making soap operas. (Long story… will post them later) They class I hate most though, is band. I like playing my instrument, but that’s all I want to do, I don’t want composers worksheets, and I really don’t want to practice. Double Blech. Other than that, I pretty much like all my classes.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Do you have a special Valentine?