Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo Websites

This Photo is from Pics4Learning
When I was younger and we'd have to get a picture for something, I'd always just go to Google Images search it, and copy/paste it into my Word Document. I didn't realize that some of those photos could've been copyrighted, and I was plagiarizing. Of course though, they are not going to fine a fourth grader. For our assingment today we had to go to several copyright-free photo websites. My favorite was comp fight, because it reminded me of google images. It feels a lot easier to me, and seems to have more selection than flickr creative commons. The only problem I faced on that site was that it kept freezing up. (That could've just been my computer though) I also liked the site Pics4Learning. It has a lot of photos that are availible for students to use on projects. It nicely narrows the pictures down into categories that make the ones you need easy to find.


Do you have any copyright free photo sights you like to use? Did you enjoy this post? After reading this, do you feel that you have ever plagerized? Please answer these questions in your comments!

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