Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Into the Wild

What happens when you add:
    34 teens +
     5 annoyed adults +
     A WHOLE lot of chips and salsa +
     and a dorm room cut off from everyone else's =

    An amazing week at an environmental learning center (and some hi-larious Man Vs. Wild remixes....) Last week my eighth grade class went on a week long over night trip to an environmental learning center in northern Minnesota. It was absolutely fantabulousyawesome (If that's even a word). Anyways, there was never time to be bored, because we were:
    That's me on the ropes course ☺
  • Rock-Climbing
  • Ropes-Coursing
  • Hiking
  • well... learning :)
  • Chips and salsa eating
  • Truth or Dare playing
  • Star tipping
  • Endless talking.....
  • Picture taking (duh ☺)
  • Getting Lost
  • Playing Frisbee
        This list goes on and on and on. One of the best things at ELC wasn't a class. It was our liaison, Danny. Danny was very interesting to say the least. He just came to Minnesota in August from England, and he looked like Harry Potter! (Maybe he was secretly Daniel Radcliffe) Danny also taught our birds class, and showed us his bird mating dance. We were about to pee ourselves with laughter.

I'm the short one on the end
        One of my other favorite things at ELC was a class called Voyageur life. We all got a character and had to remain completely in character for the whole three hour class. (Lucky for me I got to play the only American character because everyone else had to attempt to use French accents.) My character was Mr. Daniel Harmon, the American clerk for the Northwest Company. We hiked in sleet to this replica voyageur camp and made biscuits and played voyageur games. It was really fun, but my toes were very numb afterwards.☺
Speaking of coldness, the weather there was really weird. The first day it was almost 70 and we were wearing shorts, the next morning we woke up and it was snowing. Only in Minnesota...


Have you ever been on a field trip where you've stayed over for a week? Does where you live have as wacky of weather as Minnesota? Have you ever been to an enviromental learning center? Do you like my blog's new make-over? Please comment with your answers! ♥♥♥♥


  1. Hey Hannah,
    This camp sounds awesome!
    The weather is weird but that would be so cool!
    I have never been to the snow before. It's been so cold here in victoria and my toes and fingers have been numb every day!
    Please come visit my blog
    Thanks Kara ;)

  2. It was fun :) Does your school ever go on field trips over night? Snow is not something to miss and be glad you don't have it. In Minnesota, we have snow from November to April, and you get extremely sick of it. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. Nah my school doesn't get to go on over night field trips unfortunately!
    8 months of snow I suppose you would get sick of. I just wish it could snow once here I don't think it ever has so that would be cool!
    You'll have to send me some... joking ha ha :)