Monday, January 31, 2011

Catholic School's Week

         This week is Catholic School's Week. It's like spirit week for Catholic School kids, but ironically we have spirit week, too. The real reason for Catholic School's Week is so the staff can try to get a whole bunch of people to register for St. Mary's next year. My mom and I came in on Sunday to lead tours of the school. We only got to lead one tour in the hour and a half because the people asked so many questions. We were successful though, because right after the tour, they registered! During Catholic School's Week, we do lots of fun things. Today, for example, we have to dress up as book characters. I'm Jesus. Sadly, only three people in my whole grade dressed up. Party Poopers. Tomorrow is Era Day, and I'm wearing a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Wednesday, each grade is wearing either red, white, or blue and then when we are at church, someone will go up in the choir loft and take our picture, because we'll look like an American flag. Thursday we'll be in camo, because it's support our troops day. Friday, we're wearing sports  clothing. Look's like fun!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I Love Going to St. Mary's!

        Yes, I go to St. Mary's...I think its a great school. I've been going to St. Mary's since preschool, so I've been there for ten years, and that's a lot of my life! I wouldn't spend that much time at someplace I didn't like (unless my parents made me...)  I like St. Mary's for the obvious reasons... small class sizes...Catholic teaching...etc. But I also enjoy St. Mary's for other reasons. My friends are there, and if I went to public school, I'd probably be an invisible nobody. At St. Mary's, there are less than 40 eighth graders, so everybody knows everything about everybody. That can be a positive or a negative thing, because good and bad things about you can spread quickly. Overall, St. Mary's is a great school, and I will be very sad when I go to the public High School next year.