Monday, December 6, 2010

All because of a cookie...

        Well on Friday, I got a free day off of school. We had a fundraising event for school, and I raised enough to get that prize. Anyways, asked my mom if I could use it to go up to the Mall of America and go Christmas shopping. Well she said yes. On Thursday, I started watching the weather. The weatherman was saying that we were supposed to get a boatload of snow, and that they don’t advise people to drive on the roads if it isn’t necessary. (In my opinion, going to the Mall of America is necessary)

       So of course I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to go begged profusely. My dad was convinced that we shouldn't go. My mom on the other hand, said it was fine. We left the house around eight thirty, and got there about nine thirty with my mom and my grandma. We got up there, did a lot of shopping, had lunch etc. About one thirty, we were in Macy's and decided to look out the window, and make sure that it wasn't a complete blizzard. At the time, it looked fine. (Ba da daaaa....) About three, we looked outside. Yeah, it looked really blizzardy. But at this point, my mom remembers the promise that she has made to my sister:

Mom- I'm sorry honey, you can't go too, you have to go to school…

Becca- But I want to!

Mom- Becca, you don't even like shopping!

Becca- SSOOO???


Becca- You better bring me a cookie! Promise??

Mom- Sure, I promise

At this point, I'm thinking, "Let's just pick up a cookie at Hy-Vee, and tell her that it's from the MOA." But alas, we have to look for the cookie place. We never did find it. We spent only about 15 minutes looking for this cookie, but by now the snow is really bad. We started driving at 3:20. We started out going about ten miles per hour. Then we get stuck behind an accident. We are down to a lightning fast speed of two mph. I’m thinking, “If we hadn’t have gone looking for the dumb cookie, we might have just been ahead of this accident!” After we finally get back to a whopping 20 mph, something goes wrong with the windshield wipers. OH GREAT. The ice has stuck to them so bad, that it can barely wipe the snow off. So my mom’s really nervous, because she can’t really see, and I’m past the freaking out stage. We have to stop in the middle of nowhere and try and fix them. We finally get home after seven. The car ride which should have taken an hour, now lasted more than three and a half. All because of a cookie…

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