Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hannah Bueller's Day Off

        If you haven't seen the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, you'd better hurry up and go see it. Or you might die. Just kidding. It's about a kid who skips school a lot,and everyone loves him. Well, except his principal. The principal leaves work and goes on a mad search for Ferris to try and prove that he's faking. But Ferris always seems to come out on top.
       I'm having my own day off tomorrow, but it probably won't be nearly as exciting as Ferris's. I got a personal day off from school for raising $225 for my school's marathon. I'm going up to the mall of america to go shopping! I'm hoping to go on the Rock Bottom Plunge too! It should be lots of fun, (I hope)


  1. Oh Hannah,
    Reading you blog is so fun - partly because I know you - but even if I didn't you blogs would still pull me in. Your sense of humor and clever wit certainly come through in your posts. You have a wonderful looking blog. I might need some blog-decorating tips from you. I hope you had a GREAT day off!
    Mrs. Berg

  2. Mrs. Berg~
    Thanks so much :)
    I definitely had an interesting day off, but it took us triple the time to get back because of snow... I posted about it on my other blog, too.