Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joining Up

In today's world, when the Internet is a huge thing, social networks are huge. I mean, if you're reading this, you're on one right now! Out of my class of 40 something, I think about all but five of my classmates have Facebooks. Half of them have blogs, and every one of my classmates has an email. That's a lot. For part of the Blogging Challenge, we were to answer these questions... Enjoy :)

Photo By: Asthma Helper

Q. What Internet sites have you joined?

A. A LOT! I'm on Blogger (duh), Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Neopets, Snapfish, Piknik, Youtube and probably twenty more...

Q. How much info do you give out on those sites?

A. Umm.. I try not to give out much. I normally stick to my first name, state, and age.

Q. Have you filled in the asterisk questions? (with this*)

A.Sometimes. Not if it seems usless/dangerous.

I then websearched my name and my town to see what I could find.

Q. What did you find?

A. I found out that I am in the paper... a lot. Sports stuff, honor roll, and random things from when I was little. I was also apparently in some ads for my school when I was like five.

Q. How many footprints are you leaving behind?

A. I'm not sure. Probably a lot. A lot of times when you're little, people say that your parents can start the footprints for you, but my parents aren't online very often, and I'm not sure if they even had a computer when I was born, so I'm almost positive that they wern't posting baby pictures online. :)

 What about you? Do you have a Facebook? What sites have you joined? Are you careful about how much info you give your viewers? Search Yourself, and try to answer the following questions in a comment please :)

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